Where opulence meets elegance

It’s not just the overall look that makes Obizzi so unique, it’s also the tactile: the velvety surface of gold and the feel of unusually faceted gemstones. This approach is also based on the design language of the label, in which opulence and elegance are not mutually exclusive. Each piece of jewelry is unique, handcrafted by the designer herself from recycled and fair trade gold, conflict-free diamonds, blackened silver, precious stones and corals in her studio – the eponymous Palais Obizzi located in Vienna’s 1st district at Schulhof 2.


The designer

After many detours, that brought me to Paris, Brussels, Barcelona and a study in international economics, I eventually fulfilled my desire to learn the art of goldsmithing in 2013.
Forms of architecture, art and nature inspire me, as do colors, textures and materials which I encounter in my everyday life or when traveling.
I aim to propel the old arts of goldsmithing into a more modern present. Melting precious metals into extraordinary materials like cuttlefish bone or sand and creating pieces of jewelry that are rough but delicate at the same time.

Fair traded gold

Even if everything that glitters inside the studio Obizzi is actually gold, Stefanie Glatz’s value of the precious items cannot be measured in carats: “People associate beautiful memories with jewelry. The fact that I can be part of these memories with my designs – albeit a quiet one, has always fascinated me. ”
You cannot tell from the fact that behind those sparkling gems there is often a less beautiful story of the exploitation of man and nature. That is why only fair trade or recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds are used in the production of an Obizzi piece of jewelry – sustainability is very important to the designer Stefanie Glatz.